No sign up, credit card
or expertise needed

OSSA makes digital advertising as affordable as possible for small businesses.

  • From £50

    Create and publish a paid ad campaign on social media

  • For £25

    Create and download fully-designed ads

You have
full control 
over your spend on
paid advertising.

Obviously, the more you choose to spend, the more your campaign will be seen. To help you know how much to spend, we've created a simple budget calculator.

OSSA believes in transparent pricing

For example, if you spend £200 on a paid advertising campaign, this is the breakdown of where that money goes…

  • £152 goes straight to the social media companies to publish your ads.

  • £25 is used to pay for the images, copy and design to create your ads.

  • £23 is a fee to operate the whole process, manage your ads, and provide accurate reporting of results.