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What is OSSA?

OSSA is a self-service advertising platform. It uses AI to help small businesses create and publish digital advertising on social media platforms.

Why build OSSA?

97% of all businesses are small, and they represent over 50% of GDP. Yet they are being left behind by the complexity of digital advertising. Ad agencies are not interested in helping them, and the social media networks only offer them a highly technical DIY solution. OSSA was built to democratise digital advertising for those smaller businesses.

Who is behind OSSA?

OSSA was founded by two highly experienced advertising industry professionals who spent their careers helping service large companies and multi-nationals; Fadi Khater and Guy Murphy. They are now using their expertise to help small businesses create effective digital advertising.

What stage is OSSA at now?

OSSA is launching in private beta in the UK in December 2023. It is initially prioritising four sectors of small business, offering Accountants, Lawyers, Management Consultants, and IT Consultants access to advertising on LinkedIn. In early 2024, OSSA will be adding more sectors and social media platforms to the service and expanding beyond the UK thereafter.


  • OSSA is currently a team of 4 people.
  • OSSA is a UK company and has offices in Shoreditch, London.
  • OSSA first registered as a business in August 2022.