No sign up, credit card
or expertise needed

Your ads will be shown at least 1,100 times over 2 days. The total cost will be £45.
40% 20% 40%
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Clever ad

OSSA will create ads bespoke to your business, in less than a minute.

Using our advertising experience, OSSA chooses the right images from the Shutterstock library.

It writes the copy, and designs the best layouts for your brand.

Our ads come close to being perfect but you can can finesse them further as you see fit.

Smart media buying

OSSA will create a full media plan for your ads across social media platforms, deciding who to target, which social media platforms to use and how to apportion your budget.

It has been trained, using our advertising experience, to know the right answers for your category of business.

You don’t need to answer lots of questions or know any technical jargon. But, again, you can make some changes to the plan, so it is just to your liking.


OSSA transparently shares the data that the social media companies provide on the performance of your ads.

You will understand the results from your campaign using a dedicated dashboard that brings everything together in one place.

You will know how many times your ad has been seen, and how many clicks it generated.